About Us

Hi, from Ron & Julie and the Desert Home Page. We and our sand rail and our dog Primo can be seen several places during the year. Primo likes to ride in the front of our sand rail; sort of a 'hood ornament' you might say. Don't worry. He is safe. He has his own harness and has free movement only to the point of safety. He loves to watch the animals on the rides. He especially loves to watch the cows in Jawbone.

Primo is a unique dog. The pet store clerk said he was part Shepherd and part Rottweiler. He has Rotty coloring even down to the black marks on his paws. He had big paws as a puppy and we thought he would be a BIG DOG. He is only BIG in his mind (don't call him a "nice little dog" unless you want your toes bit off). His body is 'regular dog' length, but his legs didn't follow suit. He is just right for riding in a buggy because his body is perfectly balanced for navigating the up and down dunes and he is not 'top heavy'.

Now we have a new addition to our little family. Dakota is a pure bred miniature longhair dachshund, red in color. He is known as 'killer' to our friends because he just doesn't know friend or foe yet. He will bark at you even after he has met you and been petted by you and fed by you and anything you can think of to get to know him. We think, because he is so close to the ground, he doesn't get a good look at everyone and can't seem to remember if he has met them before. He also rides in the buggy but unlike Primo, Dakota mainly sleeps. When the buggy stops, he is ready to explore but he doesn't seem to like the wind in his face while the buggy is in motion. That doesn't stop him from wanting to go. Everytime the buggy is started, he is there, ready to go. He even climbs in ahead of time in case we might forget him.

We like to go to Glamis Sand Dumes in the Imperial Sand Dunes, AKA Algodones Sand Dunes. Close to Glamis is another great site, Ocotillo Wells. We also can be seen at Dumont Dunes on President's Day Weekend in February. We like to take in the hard pack at Jawbone Canyon several times a year. In the same area is Red Rock Canyon. We also have been known to frequent Johnson Valley.

We mainly range in California and my knowledge is mainly about California OHV sites but we have been known to occasionally hit the Oregon Dunes near Florence, OR.

It is hard to go to the desert and NOT realize that we are not alone in this Universe. We owe all this loveliness to the ONE who created it all.




God Bless You ALL and Let His Face Shine Upon You and Grant You Peace.