Dancing in the meadows,
Sunlight dappling the air,
Walking in the rainbow,
I know that you are there.
Gauzy white dress flowing,
whirling around,
Not just the wind blowing,
Not just a sound,
I see you in the sunlight,
Stepping lightly on the ground,
Your dress is bright, your face is light,
Your locks are golden brown.
I miss you so, you ought to know,
Your friendship and your love,
Your spirit pure and white as snow,
A treasure from above.
You spoke to Nan the other night,
She told me you were there,
You gave her comfort and delight,
With starlight everywhere.
You talked for hours, so she said,
And happiness was loud,
Of dogs, of family and Fred,
Silver linings in a cloud.
The warmness of the day was chilling,
Of a sudden you were gone.
We weren't ready for the telling,
together, we're alone.
All you wanted, truth be told,
to see the mountains blue,
the meadows and the streams so cold,
the flowers and their hue.
So, I see you in the mountains,
The sunlight in your hair,
The angels singing their refrains,
God's love is in the air.
written in memory of Bernadette, by Julie Riffe