For the Girl Who's 21

Here's a cheerful little ditty,
But I can't say it's witty,
To wish you a Birthday, as bright as the sun,
For a girl who is beautiful and, now, 21.

21 is what she yearned to be
Many years ago, that, she said to me.
The wind has blown and time has shown
That what she really meant was grown.

But what is grown, you say to me?
Grown has such a dream quality.
The world is now what we know
But is that so different from long ago?

Long ago we had our yard
And went far as we could, if we pedaled hard.
Now our yard is a little larger
And the distance we go means working harder.

But long ago, we always knew
That, if the wind blew and blew,
To be with Mom, in the house we'd run
And she would make the world seem fun.

So the world may not always be on your side;
And the way may be bumpy along your ride;
But remember me when the times are tough;
And run to me when you've had enough.

I'll always be here to comfort you;
And cuddle you when you're feeling blue;
So that the world is but a dream;
And when you wake there'll be honey and cream.

So don't hold back that youthful charm;
Let angels keep you safe from harm;
While you explore the brave new world;
Whose dream you dreamt as a girl.

And Happy Birthday to my babe in arms;
Who has grown up with all her charms;
To be the woman she is now known;
By dreaming dreams of being 21.