Peek A Boo

What is that sound?
I’m scared.
Loud to my very being!
Trumpets blaring in the air!
I’m scared.

Here am I, in bed, asleep.
All this noise!
Where is my sleep?
Now what is that?
I’m scared.

An eye?
What a beautiful eye!
A wonderful eye!
A perfect eye!
I hide my eyes.
I’m scared.

I peek.
The beautiful eye.
It looks like mine!
When I was young.
But mine was never so beautiful!
I hide. I’m scared.

I peek from my blankets,
Safe in my bed.
I’m scared.
But I have to see
The beautiful eye.
Still there.

I come out from behind
My blanket’s safe place
To see to whom
This beautiful eye belongs.
I’m scared!

Mother? Mom? Mommy?
You are so beautiful!
Don’t go away.
Come back and play
Peek A Boo with me!
I’m not scared anymore.

In Memory of my Mother, Shirley, by Julie Riffe