The story of my parent's dating....

The Torch

The torch stands tall against the night
All night, all day, burning bright.
Burning gases – away up high,
Lighting up the dark night sky.

A Boy and Girl inside a car,
Snow all around, near and far,
Keeping warm under the torch,
Trembling now, as their lips touch.

Under the torch there is no snow,
The flame so hot, so long ago.
The car is warm and warmer still,
Their two hearts beating deeply till

They both thought their hearts would break;
All alone, inside the lake
Of yellow light – cascading all around,
The torch by night, lighting up the ground.

In the yellow light they saw
Beautiful faces, not a flaw.
They came so close – the flame was hot.
Twas cold outside but they were not.

They talked for hours in total bliss.
The world was gone, from them, not missed.
So they passed the hours till dawn
And headed home – to each his own,

Only to meet another night
Deep within that still bright light.
The flame was hot and so were they;
No one could keep their love at bay.

They talked about their future together,
No matter what the weather.
The torch was there to light their way
And so they came to love by May.

July, the wedding bells were ringing
And all the summer birds were singing.
The torch still lit the summer sky
As their true love was made to tie.

As bound they were to their true love,
Blessed and nurtured by the One above,
The torch still oversaw it all;
It’s flame still hot within the ball

Of yellow light falling to the ground,
And melting snow all around;
Where two hearts met and became one,
Under the torch – bright as the sun.

By Julie Riffe 9/2002